International shipping will be disabled for the foreseeable future.

(exception: Canada)

- International shipping is being delayed by months, lost, stuck in customs, etc because of COVID19. Also, a lot of countries are not accepting packages from the US right now because of the virus. Once this dies down we will open up international shipping again. Those who have already ordered. You have been emailed. Your orders are ready but have not been shipped because your country will not accept it or it will take even longer to get to you(if it doesnt get lost) so we are holding it! Please be patient!

Shipping times:

Shipping times are still 6-10 weeks because the items are handmade and made to order. We are working hard and fast but we are still only 2 people. Please be patient with us. We are trying!

We are also looking to outsource and have another company print the designs for us to cut down shipping times for you guys.

We are doing our best but we are a small company and making each individual shirt and hoodie and that takes more time than you realize!

All designs will be changed:

- We are going to change things up. We also will be offering limited time stuff for the summer. We are still working out what our style is and what we want to offer for you guys. Please be patient during this and if you would like to see any specific designs or characters please follow us on instagram and respond to our stories!